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How We Determine a Cash Offer For a Home

We want to maximize what we pay while also factoring in the risks

The way we make offers on homes is designed to benefit both parties involved, In calculating our offers we have two main goals in mind:

1) Provide you with the highest possible amount to ensure you are happy with the offer.

2) Paying a fair price for a house in as-is condition, even if it may not be "move in ready."

In striking this balance, there are several factors to consider. First, we look at the overall market in your particular area. Then we look at the overall condition of the home, both the interior and the exterior. Most homes require some sort of repairs, even if only cosmetic, while others require large-scale renovations. We try to estimate the cost of these renovations as best as possible, so we know exactly what sort of investment is going to be needed in order to get the home to market condition.

Most homes we buy will be renovated and resold in a few months, so we must also consider the direction of the market to determine what the possible resale price will be down the road. In some cases, we also evaluate the rental potential for the area and if your home is a better fit for becoming a rental unit.

Every home is different in some way, even those that are built around the same time in the same neighborhood will have some differences that make it stand out. We certainly consider the unique features of the home, and that is one of the reasons we like to discuss the property with the homeowner, as the uniqueness of each home is best understood by those who own and/or live in it.

If you have a property that you want to sell, there is no reason not to get an offer from us as we will neither pressure nor require any obligations. We can't buy every house, so we understand there will be many that are not a good fit. But if we are the right option, you will be glad you chose to work with us.

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