Sell an Inherited Home

Sell an Inherited Home

If you have recently inherited property, we can take the proper steps for you to convert the asset into cash, without long periods in the court system.

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What To Do After Inheriting Property

Inheriting property from a deceased relative is often a windfall for the recipient but what do you do if you don’t want the house? Converting that house into cash might seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether the home that you inherited is full of furniture or if it’s just an empty house on a big lot, selling an inherited home quickly is easier than you might think.

The Legal Aspect of Inherited Property

If it is stipulated in the will that you alone own the house, that makes things less complicated. If the house has several benefactors, you might want to meet with the other family members and make a decision to sell the house and split the cash evenly.

Unless the home is paid for, remember that the mortgage and even the second mortgage are now your responsibility and these bills must be paid or the house will go into foreclosure, even if you are inheriting the property.

If you already have a home mortgage, taking on an additional mortgage can be a big burden, which is why most people sell inherited homes.

What If the House Needs Major Repairs?

If the house has been vacant for some time or if it has fallen into disrepair, most people who inherit homes aren’t really interested in paying to bring the home up to current standards.

You may want to consider selling your home to an investor as part of an as-is sale. There are many benefits to doing this, including:

  • Some investors will buy the home as-is even if there are renters in the house
  • You will save huge amounts of time
  • The house will sell much faster than using the traditional realtor/home inspection/open house/escrow method of home selling and buying
  • You will probably end up with more cash on hand if the house needs major repairs
  • You don’t have to move anything if you don’t want to. The house can be sold fully or partially furnished if you like.

Since some investors plan on repairing and then flipping the house, you may not like what they are going to do to the home but as with any sale, that’s not really your concern.

Having an Investor Buy Your Inherited Home

Often a Better Solution

You can have the property evaluated so that you know the current value of the home. You won’t have to invest time or energy making repairs or cleaning up the house to make it presentable to buyers, which is a big relief for many people.

Once you know the estimated value of the home, you should contact a trusted service that can help vet investors for you.

No one wants to be scammed or have problems selling a home to an investor only to find out later that the investor wasn’t everything they claimed to be or that they did not have the cash they promised.

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"I didn't know what to expect, but these are just honest, hardworking people and I trusted them immediately."

– Robert H.

Westminster, MD

"Selling a home is a big deal. They made each step incredibly easy on me. They even helped me move a few things out of the house and into my new place!"

– Kathy R.

Eldersburg, MD

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